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Xallent Website Rebuild

When nanoscale testing company Xallent was planning to launch its groundbreaking new device to
the semiconductor research and chip fabrication industry, they turned to Core Communications to overhaul their entire online presence.


Xallent is a world leader in nanoscale probes and measuring tools. Their technology is indispensable as the semiconductor industry continues its chip miniaturization drive into the 1 nanometer range.

With R&D completed, a high-profile reference customer in place, and production ready, Xallent founder Kwame Amponsah retained Core Communications to create a website that would be a powerful sales driver. Kwame knew that the old site had merely been a placeholder while the company was in beta development mode and was going to be insufficient as potential customers learned of the new products.

The  Process

Following a process of customer discovery, product benefit prioritization, and sales funnel analysis, Core created the new site. In addition to Otto, a graphic designer and a web developer completed the new site.

Core also wrote a press release announcing the new product launches as well as helping create other supporting sales documents.

“Our updated website is orders of magnitude better than what we had,” Xallent founder and CEO Kwame Amponsah says. “Otto spent the time to really understand our products and highlight the key benefits. Our new messaging is spot on, and the positive reaction has been amazing.”

The Result

Extensive research into the range of products, features, and customer needs yielded a site that provides a prioritized, targeted list of key features, clear feature summaries & comparisons, clear descriptions, a testimonial from a reference customer, new About Us text, fresh images, a revamped Press page, and clear calls to action. A product brochure, press release, and sales email templates completed the package.

The product and website launch were a huge success—the company reported overwhelming amount of industry interest and production is being ramped up to meet demand.

Here is the old vs new home page:

Webpage illustration

Please visit to see the complete new site.

The press release:

More screenshots from the old website: