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A Pre-Launch Overhaul for Pronto

The team at Pronto has leveraged artificial intelligence and machine learning to build a platform that can create high-quality videos with minimal guidance. It represents a massive breakthrough, since video is by far the most effective way to reach audiences online—but the high cost of conventional video production puts small and medium-sized business at a huge disadvantage. With Pronto ready to launch, company leadership knew they needed a new website. The trouble was, the Pronto website was still the same one the founding team had created late one night a year ago, fueled on pizza and Coke. They called Core.


Conventional video production is expensive. The idea of automating at least certain types of videos holds seismic potential for advertising and marketing. Pronto was first conceived to help small businesses like restaurants, laundromats, and car repair shops, but as the founders began showing a beta version to potential customers, everyone wanted in: ad agencies; franchises; larger brands. As the vision and the product grew, they needed a site that clearly addressed the growing number of verticals while staying simple and clear.

The Process

Like all engagements, the Core process begins by building a deep understanding of the business, including the product, the target market, the growth strategy, and the founding story and personal values. That knowledge is channeled into first a text document and finally into the designed site.

 “We are thrilled with the new site. The text is sharp and the way it’s structured and presented hits each of our customer groups just the right way. We are ready for the big launch.”

–Sherry Akhtar, Co-founder, Pronto Inc.

The Result

Each customer segment receives a customized pitch, while the top product benefits are summarized on the home page. The About us section shares the founding story in a personal way. Everything about the site is new, from the content, structure, and look and feel. Pronto was so pleased with the project they worked with Core to develop sales materials as well, including a sales deck and a 1-pager.

Here are two screenshots of the old site vs the new home page. Check out the entire new site at


Webpage illustration