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Venture incubator 25Madison recently launched Limelight, which enables companies to hire skilled-trade workers more quickly and effectively using prehiring skills assessments. Otto worked with CEO Ben Pfeifer to create the language and documents which allowed the company to find its first 20 paying customers—and provide a basis for scaling sales from there.

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Based on an investment thesis that there is opportunity to improve efficiency in the hiring market for jobs that require substantial skills, but not a four-year degree—electricians, mechanics, and construction tradesmen, for example—25Madison founded Limelight, a company whose mission it is to automate skills testing during the hiring process. The company uses a fine-grained understanding of every skill required to succeed at thousands of different job titles, combined with a growing database of questions used to assess those skills. In addition to enabling accurate hiring decisions more quickly, the skills tests also allow companies to eliminate bias found in more qualitative hiring approaches.



Prior to hiring any full-time staff, Ben retained me to refine the company story and shape the language that could be used for the website and marketing materials.

The Result



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Thought Leadership

After spending a few weeks to understand the market, the opportunity, and the competitors, I wrote this piece we published on Medium.

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Case Study

Interviewing customers and writing about their experience is a great way to convince other customers in the same vertical.

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Survey-Based Sales Piece

We conducted a survey that yielded a great story we used as a way to get new leads–“give us your email address and we’ll send you this research.”

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A high-quality flyer that the sales team can send after an initial contact helps build confidence for a lead to convert to a customer.

the bottom line

Using the materials I created, the sales team at Limelight signed its first paying customers and is growing quickly.